Step in the world where we celebrate the unique you

We welcome you to change a beautiful you into a prefect you. At K Roopali Makeovers we take your beauty to the next level and we want to treat that gorgeous lady inside you who deserves a pamper treatment.


We have been acknowledged by our clients for our facilities and branded products. our team of artists have been working for years in this industry which itself declares their professionalism and perfection. we try that our clients are not just satisfied with our work but also consider us for all of their future events so, we give them the best we can offer.



I thought they will just make me look good but they treated me as a family Instead and understood what exactly I wanted.

Seema Rai

They seemed so skilled in their work that I was able to lay all of my faith in them and they didnít prove me wrong.

Deepika Yadav

I had so many imperfections on my face but they were so perfect that after my makeup I was not able to recognise myself.

Anjali Kumari

I was so overwhelmed by their treatment that enjoyed being there a lot.

Geeta Sinha

I believed that I was not beautiful enough that I could use any sort of makeup. but they made me realise that anyone can be beautiful with right guidance.

Kusum Sharma

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